How to sell software in Brazil?

Publicado em 21 de junho de 2022

The software market is booming. On cell phones and devices alone, the average person uses 30 different applications every month, not counting the ones we use for work and the ones on our desktops and laptops.

There is no better time to invest in these changes than now. Never has so much been invested in technology, and with the Coronavirus pandemic that started in 2020, all companies had to adapt to meet the consumer who changed their buying behavior.

Get to know what software is , what its types are, how its current market is in Brazil, and how to start selling, advertising with the best companies, and gaining financial return in one of the hottest sectors of the current economy.

What is a software and how are its sales in Brazil? 

how to sell software in brazil

Software is tools and programs that we use in our electronics. Currently, there are 4 different types on the market: Desktop, mobile devices, SaaS, and plug-ins and extensions.

Desktop software is for computers and notebooks running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, or Linux. Those for mobile devices are for smartphones and tablets, usually with Google Android or Apple iOS systems.

SaaS, on the other hand, is web-based software used on computers or mobile devices through a browser. Plug-ins and extensions, on the other hand, are software built on top of another platform.

With this in mind, the sales outlook for the Brazilian software market shows significant and encouraging growth. In this highly competitive segment, having an outstanding position worldwide signals a strong and competitive internal market, in which the high level of products and services offered pulls the demand upwards.

Being aware of what is happening in the IT industry is the first step to selling more and making the right decisions at critical times. Thus, no company can survive when it stops knowing the scenario in which it operates.

Knowing better the market in which your company competes puts you in a position to define the most appropriate strategies to increase your share.

Remember that this segment is extremely competitive, with very demanding consumers. Therefore, keeping up to date is a necessity, not an advantage.

How to make a good Software sale 

Certain aspects are necessary to make a good software sale. Providing good customer support, for example, is essential to the growth of a company in the industry.

So the company can do this by starting with installation, making it easy and sending emails and documents that help the customer get started, and offering support via email, forums, chat, and phone.

Also, keeping your price is a good marketing strategy. Even if you want to offer your software for the lowest possible price, it can affect your business. Think about the future, the time and money spent to improve your software and offer a quality service.

Consider also charging subscriptions from your customers, either monthly or annually, this helps to have the money continuously for support and maintenance of the business, ensuring that the product is always aligned with the market updates.

You also need to remember that marketing is essential. So even while the software is being built, think about how to communicate with potential customers. Do this by developing customer profiles, imagining what your target audience is and who the potential users of your software are, imagining their ages, businesses, and what problems they are trying to solve, and then trying to reach them on social media.

Having your website with your domain name is the most important thing to do. This helps to pass authority, after all, you are unlikely to achieve success by selling your software in other companies’ marketplace.

Finally, engage your company on social media. Find out where your customers are, think about what problem your software solves, and try to match it with the most suitable social platform.

How to start selling software 

Start by finding your software niche. “Software” is a broad term that can mean many things. Software is generally divided into two categories: application software and system software. Therefore, there are many ways of approaching software creation, which is why it is so important to know for whom you are creating.

Also, the software is a digital product, which means that there is less financial risk and more opportunities for passive income. Digital products offer great profit margins, but the low risk does not mean any risk.

It can be tempting to come up with a great idea without assessing the demand and value of your audience. It is easy to skimp on quality when you have a low initial budget.

When thinking about niche software, remember that what you do needs to help someone solve or avoid a problem. Niche software is perfect for those who are selling softwares for the first time because you can start with a small group of users and a specific problem.

Remember that software is only useful because it makes it easier to work through a complex process. A good software product should be as simple to understand as, for example, a video.

If you are learning how to start to sell software online, you may already be an engineer, and this can be a great addition. You will have a better idea of what coding language will work best for your idea and what forums want to hear about it. You’ll also have a better understanding of what it will take to make your point and what to look for in user information.

But being a software engineer does not necessarily guarantee success. Development is not an easy activity for everyone, and neither is marketing. If you like to be independent and don’t like to talk too much, customer service may not be the best role.

Everyone is different. To sell software online, you will need a set of various skills to take your product from a real-world perspective to success. When you understand your strengths and weaknesses, you can do whatever it takes.

You can also sell software without being an engineer. Start by investing in great engineers, this saves time and money over time and you will create a much better product.

It is very important to get involved in the development process, you may not know how to write the code for the product you want, but your idea. You need to clearly state what you expect in detail and be part of every step of the process.

Also, invest in maintenance. All softwares products need regular updates and bug fixes from a professional to keep the original sales strong.

After creating your product, it is important to do a user test. No matter how much help you receive when creating your product, there are small pieces of user experience that make a big difference in the popularity of your product after launch. If a user finds a problem, you may not have another chance to overcome it, so it is important to fix it first.

After you do your first round of testing, a tip is to meet with your best friends and ask them to analyze problems and obstacles. Then create another round of user testing with the more specific consumers you know. Customer experience is the most important thing when it comes to building a software business.

How to find the best Software 

Companies like B2B Stack specialize in helping you or your company find the best software for the function you are looking for!

For customers, in 4 steps you will be able to find the ideal software to solve their problems.

Answer a few questions about the problems in your company, and with the right information, the algorithm can make the best recommendations. with the help of artificial intelligence, your scenario is studied and it gets exactly what you need for free

For companies sell software, B2B Stack has more than 300,000 buyers that use the portal every month in search of the best solutions, which guarantees that they find you. You can appear to over 550,000 potential customers every month.

B2B Stack drives your growth, influences buyers at the point of purchase, and accesses the best intent data.

Register your company and start collecting information. Put your product in front of millions of buyers who use B2B Stack every month. Let potential buyers discover your product before they see your competitors.

Use the B2B Awards seal strategically on your website, plan page, email signature, communication, and advertising materials, Encourage your best customers to talk about why you are the best at what you do, engage with your audience, and let them discover your product.


As we saw above, the software industry is growing, especially in Brazil. Big changes are coming, but besides offering a quality product and a solution for companies, it is necessary to seek success in several areas, especially in Marketing to achieve sales success.

It is time to move from idea to reality. Start your research today and work your way through the forums of your software niche. Create a plan to market, sell and support your product. Most importantly, focus on spreading the word on social media so that you can reach your target audience more easily.

You can also count on the help of partners like B2B Stack, who offer convenience and confidence not only for software vendors but also for the customers who search on their platform when finding a software that meets all their needs.

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